It’s not Monday it’s Thursday, I know, I’m sorry.  You can blame GTA 5 for that :).  Under 4 Mondays left until X & Y’s release folks, eeeek!  Status: Excited.  Withdrawal symptoms: Pretty bad, the scratch has more vigour, tempered by GTA though. So lets start a very delayed Pokemonday.



Another artists that strays from  emulating Sugimori’s style, this time with a bold, kooky graphic design style, MBlock’s works are absolutely faultless. The line art’s bold and confident and her use of colour has an awesome graffiti kick to it, especially on her Devamp versions where she focuses on re-creating newer additions in the style and colour scheme of retro games. She stays current in her subject matter and has really cool habits like celebrating a new Shiny she’s with a lovely art piece. I’ll stop gushing now and let you see my chosen gallery:

©2013 *MBLOCK

Check out the Xernias, and the Abra using Tri- Attack oh my! Anyways as I always say these are  just a few selected works, there’s so much more which can be found on her Deviant page, tumblr account and twitter.


Also deserving of a mention is the extremely talented arts and craftsman Demiurgus dreams.  He creates these lovely clay and arcylic Pokémon figurines at reasonable prices varying on their detail and scale. I discovered his works through his etsy store but you can also find him through his Deviantart page under the alias Hontor.  Although he’s currently on a break I’m definitely contacting him when he’s back as he does commissions :).


 Pokemon newsThree starter Pokemon secondary evolutions announced!

Outfits, hair cuts and skin customisations for trainers!

Team Flare leaders revealed.

Diantha, famous Kalos movie star and potential Pokémon champion revealed.

Litleo evolution Pyroar revealed: has diverse male and female more forms and new move Noble roar.

New Psychic cat Pokémon Meowstic revealed, also has separate male & female forms.

Furfrou, basically a Poké Poodle is the leaked Pokémon from the Mega starters reveal trailer at Nintendo Direct.  It can be groomed into multiple different looks.

Mewto X revealed and is  a dual fighting/psychic type.

Mega Garchomp revealed.

New fossil Pokemon revealed.

Pokémon X & Y to only use 3D during battles (discovered through gamerant.com).

New typing chart reveals Fairy Type Pokémons strengths and weaknesses.

Steal has lost it’s resistance to Dark and Ghost types.

Certain Pokémon types have upgraded status effect resistances.

Finally, a leaked Mega Evo list I actually believe in, (well, praying it’s true).

My thoughts 

Holy Scheiss! Too….. much…. news, Scheiss!  This week has been so much more intense than Nintendo Direct was, it’s insane. I’m old enough to know a marketing assault when I see one, but I’m still a sucker for this game and if not for GTA, I’d be seriously crawling the walls with anticipation.  Now I’m not gonna going into my thoughts on every singe point otherwise I’d literally loose sleep doing one post, I’ve posted recent promo trailers and adverts to fill in the gaps so bear with me.  I am however gonna talk about my high lights in this week of Pokémadness .

Second Stage of starter evolutions

Well, well, well aren’t the X and Y starters rocking their new adolescent forms.  After their revelation on CoroCoro people leapt to insult Quilladin but were silenced after the trailer featured him looking pretty awesome, especially when he turned to the camera and said ‘shut up guys I’m big boned’. Okay he didn’t, but he should have, the fat jokes are hurtful.  I Personally think Frogadier looks the best and the Bounce counter to grass types is very tempting but I’m weary of a dual water/fighting third stage evo, so I may have to stick with chespin as it’s dual dark/Grass typing is way more up my street.  As for braixen: Meehhh!  I love pyschic types but have never been keen on fire, and I personally think it looks by far the worst out of the three.

Mewtwo X

Mewtwo X

Hurray! I was already 100% getting X anyway, you have the sexy Xernias to thank for that.  Now thanks to Mewtwo X you can make that 110% whatever that means.  A dual Pyschic/fighting beast.  I’ve loved the dual Psychic/Fighting combination since owning a Gallade in the last gen, aptly named Psycho.  And thank you Game Freak for the design, it looks completly badass and is an accepted apology for shoving Mewtwo’s tail on his head, giving him mousy proportions and calling him a mega evolution for the previous Mewtwo Y.

Mega Garchomp


Erm, Troll alert. Garchomp was already pretty damn op in the previous games, now they’ve gone and given him a mega form with extra lethal attacks and sandstorm triggered as soon as he enters battle. Time to get a monster ice type ready for defense, i’m terrified of this one.

These plus Meowstic, Pyroar, Furfrou and more are featured in this exciting trailer:

Team Flare 

You know I can’t really decide whether I love or loath Team Flare yet.  On the plus side they do look pretty cool, especially their admins Celosia, Aliana, Bryony and Mable who look fresh off Fashion Week and their leader Xerosic, who has just the perfect blend of eccentricity and darkness to lis design to keep me intrigued.  On the flip side I see them and think, criminals, really?  With conspicuous bright red costumes and outlandish character designs I just can’t believe the officer Jenny’s haven’t dealt with them yet. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re supposed to be anti-heroes instead of pure villains, maybeI’m just getting too old.

New Fossil Pokémon and evolutions

I’m very happy they decided to put focus on fossil Pokémon with Tyrunt and Amaura. Correct me if I’m wrong but they haven’t done so since the 1st gen, so this to me feels like another nod.  As for ther evolutions- Whoooooop!  I have to say move aside Noivern, Tyrantrum is the best looking Pokémon of this gen so far!  But I’m torn :(.  Aurorus learns an ice type move that’s super effective against water types, how cool is that?  Plus it’s a pretty hot Diplodocus in it’s own right, so this one’s gonna be a tough choice.  So it’s a choice between the one with abilities I find preferable against the mega beast that will make anyone trainer fearful of your team. I’ll decide with my heart *readies pensive face and cheesy pose*, when the time comes :P.

New Pokémon type chart: The Fairy’s secrets revealed 

Chart source: Serebii

Oh dear.  I’ve never been so frightened of fairies in my life…  so according to the chart Fairy types are super effective against: Fighting, Dark and Dragon. Weak against: Steel and poison.  Resists: Dark, Bug & Fighting, immune to Dragon.  Aren’t very effective against: Steel, Fire and Poison.  Mother, of Jesus, I’m even more worried about these than Garchomp’s Mega-rig.  Immune to Dragon? I still don’t get Game Freak’s logic behind this.  I’m guessing they’re just over promoting a new type as they’ve done in the past and will re-balance this in future, as they have wisely done with Steel types.  It’s a good thing I love Poison types and will definitely have one ready to strychnine these pests! Oh well, at least fans of cutesy Pokémon can finally battle competitively, yes I’m thinking of you Michelle!

Type upgrades: so here’s the low down: Grass types are now immune to powder & spore moves, Electric types are immune to paralysis and Ghost types are immune to mean look and other moves that prevent fleeing.  This is fantastic in my opinion and although I’m certain it will wind players up to know this means more non effective moves, it’s a great way to add even more depth to the tactical elements of gameplay.

3D for battles exclusively: I personally consider the 3D slider of the 3DS a non entity, as it’s never used.  So in terms of it not having regular 3D all I can say is boohoohoo.  I don’t care for the blurrr-I-mean-3D effects detracting from the stunning visuals of the game.  As for the predictable cries of ‘oh why can’t it be on the normal DS then?’  Do you honestly think a Pokémon game this epic, with fully 3D animated battles would be able to fit on a standard DS cartridge memory wise?  If so get outta here!

Leaked mega evolutions list

Complete mega list

So I found this and for the life of me can’t remember the source, (if you are the source contact me for credit).  But if this leak is true then I could not be happier.  Too many loved ones; Alakazam, Gengar, Gallade, Tyranitar, Luxray, Xatu, Volcarona, every starter Pokemon previous to X & Y, (Mega Empoleon would be certified boss.)  Now I do remember the author stating that fans shouldn’t get carried away and consider the list speculative until confirmed but it’s too late damit, I’ve done a dance, it’s happening!

So that rounds up the most epic post I’ve done on thestartbutton thus far, but hopefully not the last, I just love Game Freak for spamming us with joy!  Needless to say I’ll have to put off ‘Nostalgisms’ indefinitely as I’m one person struggling to keep up with the rate of Pokémon news as it is.  I will however leave you with X & Y’s American advert (you gotta love American adverts for the cheese and charm):

Oh and for good measure I’ll throw in the latest Japanese overview trailer which is unbelievably epic, I mean seriously, mind blowing:

Sources: Pokebeach, Serbii, Gamerant, marriland, neoseeker, polygon, Pokemonxy


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4 responses to “POKEMONDAYS 2”

  1. M4RI0K4R7 says :

    What the…? An Ice type move that’s super effective against Water types? Mega Garchomp? Fairy types immune to Dragon moves? This is going to be a crazy gen for sure… And I don’t have GTA V so the wait is killing me even more. D:

    • pushstart89 says :

      Aaaww dude, I don’t know what to say I really feel your pain this wait is getting really, really intense. Throw yourself into any game trust me it helps. On the plus side yay the gameplay is completely re-worked for this gen 🙂 gonna have to come up with new strategies

  2. The Lotus War says :

    Wow! I’ve been away from Pokemon for a long time!
    -______- Maybe I need to dig into a wiki to get back into the league!

    • pushstart89 says :

      seriously DO IT! The series started to get a bit stale at one point and just about managed to get back on track but this version is going to be the handheld rpg to beat. Especially since your making an rpg the level design elements have really come a long way over the yrs (big catch being that you have to have a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS to play it)

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