Sorry guys I have been delayed with my recent Pokemonday Update, which may probably have to get pushed to wednesday because, GTAV’S out!  I will make up for this with a super Pokemondays feature and an article about my frustration with gamers at the moment and the vile trolling of Gamespot reviewer Carolyn Petit for giving the latest GTA, wait for it, a 9 out of 10!


5 responses to “GTAV IS OUT= BLOG BREAK”

  1. The Lotus War says :

    No but seriously….. a 9/10 is attrocious. It’s only nearly perfect! what game would want a score like that?

    • pushstart89 says :

      Seriously, I was gonna post last night but I was just on Gamespot astonished at the level of hate she was getting for stating that the game is misogynistic, which it is. Over 9000 posts, at least 8000 of them personal attacks that played into her argument. I remembered why, as stated in a past article I was put off GTA for years, the GTA fanboys are revolting (rant over).

      • The Lotus War says :

        Lol… I remember once going to a manga scanlation site ( and seeing a whole thread that was basically concluded with “Gantz needs more violent rape.” >:O

        I think fanboys find what they perceive to be their “safe spot” from… you know… girls and the rest of society… with games and comics online and lash out when they feel personally under fire because what they like and find acceptable is actually not to the rest of the world.

      • pushstart89 says :

        very, VERY true, God forbid the bubble bursts. I just can’t believe you have losers on there calling for a petition for her to be fired, you know actually loose her job!? The thread even drifts into rants about Obama, Liberals and lesbians- these people are crazy, and this is the industry I aim to be part of it’s quite scary.

      • The Lotus War says :

        >_____< well, youre a guy. They might be a little easier on you. Albeit, youre a guy with a sense of decency sooooo…

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