Shhhhh! It’s Quiet- Kojima’s answer to ‘Sexy’

ImageSo if you haven’t read about the buzz and controversy surrounding Hideo Kojima this week, you may mistake this for your local floozie in role-play fetish attire.  It’s actually Quiet, the new MGS 5 heroine and sniper.  Hideo Kojima came under fire after tweeting about his instructions to Art Director Yoji Shinkawa to make the character ‘erotic’, which he then attempted to damage control in a follow up interview with Polygon where apparently, he meant ‘sexy’.  So what do you think guys, sexy or just straight up porn?

Even industry peer Halo Designer David Ellis launched a scathing twitter attack:

Whilst I’m yet to leap off my couch with a bellowing feminist war cry, this design is certainly a bit of a head scratcher for me.  The funny thing is, Kojima knows how to do sexy with female characters, take his past femme fatale Sniper Wolf for instance:

I’m all for a female assassin using her sexuality as a weapon, to me that is a believable form of empowerment that shouldn’t always be taken offensively.  Can I believe that a sniper running around in skimpy fishnets and a thong would be successful in her missions?  Even with unrealistic skin altering abilities the answer remains no.  It all seems a little  tacky and yet I do think there is hope for this character.  Based on the gorgeous and expressive model Stefanie Joosten the recent promo video of Quiet’s motion capture and development shows a lot of potential:

More over I do like Quiet’s upper half design wise, it’s just the lower half that to me crosses a line.

As for David Ellis, hypocrite much?  It frankly irks me to no end when a professional launches a twitter attack on a peer.  You’re an industry prof-essio-nal dammit don’t relegate yourself to an internet troll.  Plus isn’t this the dude that worked on the game responsible for Cortana, the naked blue chick in Halo?


This is however a bit of school boy error by Kojima.  Hopefully they’ll re-work the character because this is the video games industry and whilst sex sells, porn doesn’t.

Souces: Vg247, Polygon, PSU


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6 responses to “Shhhhh! It’s Quiet- Kojima’s answer to ‘Sexy’”

  1. The Lotus War says :

    Yeah… a thong and fishnets. That’s putting the “ass” in class. And “assassin” lol

  2. theotakujudge says :

    Urgh. She comes across as dirty as opposed to sexy. The ladies from MGS4 were more to my taste.

    • pushstart89 says :

      Definitely and funnily enough they’ve based her on a very pure looking model, who admittedly was shocked when she 1st saw the re-design but has kept shtoom on the weather or not she thinks it should be changed (probably for contract reasons). I wonder how the earlier prototype looked, before Mr.Kojima ordered for a more ‘erotic’ design.

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