There are just under 5 mondays till Pokemon X & Y release.  Status: Irritable.  Withdrawal symptom level: Mid.  With that I’ll kick off with my 1st PokéMonday :D.



Pokémon Artist of the week seems a bit minuscule, may decade sound like a stretch?  Artist Purplekecleon has been on Deviantart for over a decade and her style has grown to say the least.  Many have swapped Sugimori’s traditional style for a fine art approach but not to this level.  Who new Pokemon and expressionism would be such a match made in heaven, with stunning displays of colour and dream like compositions reminiscent of Franz Mark and Kirchner.  Love it!

©2013 *purplekecleon

These are just some examples from her gallery, check it out there’s hundred’s of amazing works and collaborations with writers for great narrative pieces.  She sells prints and buttons etc on her site: papayakitty.com plus her tumblr also features her art works and thought processes etc.


Pokemon news

Nintendo Direct reveals: 

It took 5 years to realise but the Pokémon Bank is now ready for X & Y.

Mega Evolution is done through the use of the Mega Ring item.  

Original starters return with Mega forms.

Earlier release for X & Y edition 3DXL’s announced.

My thoughts on this: Well for one you gotta love Iwata, Ishihara and Masuda for their synchronised moves with dead pan faces at the start of the presentation:
 Synchronised moves

I have one word for my thoughts on the Pokémon Bank: meh!  I’ve never been a catch ém all kinda guy; I normally aim to train 2 or 3 elite squads per game so I don’t see the point of a huge box.  And did they say subscription?  These 3 syllable never fail to raise a suspicious third eye of mine that screams, ‘more money, MONEY, MONEY!’  I’d be fine with just an improved box system in game thanks.


The Mega ring sounds cool, no doubt there will be an interesting quest to attain this item and I’m always happy for a side quest to lead you off the mundane gym badge collection formula.


Sexy retro take on mega evo’s by Twarda8

As for the big announcement of the original starters returning with Mega forms, oh yeah! Best news for me since the game’s announcement.  I was originally hoping to see the final forms of the new starters but instantly couldn’t care less after seeing Mega Blastoise’s awesomeness.  I think the general concensus is that Mega Blastoise and Mega Charizard rule.  Poor Mega Venasaur, it looks like the design team just gave him a night before upgrade like ‘oh shit guys, throw in some leaves, give him a flower, dammit hurry up Nintendo Direct’s tomorrow!’  Well I say get over it you bunch of shallow Hal’s!  ‘Thick fat’ is easily the superior ability amongst the 3 megas, dispelling Venasaur’s weakness to both fire and Ice types and making this Pokemon a serious tank.  Right now I’m torn between Squirtle and Bulbasaur due to the potential of their mega forms.


Bulbasaur’s not feeling the love right now.  Don’t worry Bub, I’d still choose ya!  Awesome pic by: ditto-used-transform


And then there was the limited edition XL’s…. Where the hell is the stunning gold one with Xerneas and the 3 starters I saw a couple months back?

xy 3dsxl

Gold Xerneas XL, where the f%@k art thou?

Why you do this to me Nintendo Europe, again!  Very tired of Nintendo giving the UK, let’s be fair and say at least 60% less than Japan.  As for us not getting any bundle packages with our uglier edition, that’s a nice little deal breaker and my cue to say ‘screw this, I’m out!’


I shit you not!  The world’s most expensive Pokémon Card going for $50,000 minimum bids on ebay and the seller is expecting 100k for a buy it now price.  The card is one of a few fan illustrated Pokemon cards done through submissions to a CoroCoro magazine competition.

For the full story follow this link.

Stay tuned guys and girls, this week’s been mental with news but next week I shall definitely be updating with Nostalgisms- looking at my 1st experiences with Pokémon and how I developed my 1st real squad.


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  1. FroakieFan says :

    You should do more of these! Love em!

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