Oh Deer! Bloodshot games: Redneck Assassin on Kickstarter


This revenge/stealth project needs another $26,000 or so in the next 30 days to reach it’s target funding of $30,000 and I’m routing for it:

“Shot down & left for dead, Hirsch Deer is found in the woods by Sasquatch who trains our hero in the art of assassination”.

The whacky premise is backed by their pitch.  This includes a hilarious trailer blending just the right amount of whimsy into the seriousness of Hirsch’s quest:

I’d say that the narrator is up there with Stephen Fry, okay not quite but still priceless all the same.  I hope he features during the actual game.

The guys at Bloodshot games having been working diligently on the project but need the funding to create PC/Mac ports.  I’m definitely in although being a broke graduate shall not afford me huge amounts to contribute.

My Verdict


I think the game has a lot of potential.  The intuitive touch screen mechanics of the mobile demo certainly seem impressive and I am confident the controls will translate smoothly into PC gaming .  I would however love to see them work more of it’s quirky humour into the gameplay because for me, it’s appeal lies in it’s original approach to revenge satire.

So if you like the idea of hunting Red neck’s albeit virtually, or are all for animal rights and gaming, don’t forget to check out the full project pitch and funding details at Kickstarter.  Now, where to find a Sasquatch….

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4 responses to “Oh Deer! Bloodshot games: Redneck Assassin on Kickstarter”

  1. The Lotus War says :

    That… seems awesomely hilarious! I’m with you on the hope that they play up the wacky humor.

  2. champinmaking says :

    Sounds great! but I’ll be seriously surprised if they hit target!

  3. pushstart89 says :

    @ Lotus War Yh i hope they do play up to the humour but so far I’ve mainly seen elements of that in the animatic.

    @Champinmaking haha you’ll be suprised, I’ve seen ridiculous projects get funded for ridiculous amounts on kickstarter, this one’s actually decent so I’m routing for it.

  4. pushstart89 says :

    Dammit Champin you were right! Only 2 weeks left and it’s only made $4000 of it’s $30,000 target! I don’t get it, some lame ideas get funded really quickly on that site 😦

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