2D Wha?!? : My take on the 2DS


In the wake of Nintendo’s announcement of the new addition to the 3DS family, many a head has been scratched.  The 2DS is set for an October 12th release, no doubt a clever marketing strategy as it shares it’s premier with the highly anticipated Pokemon X & Y games.  The console acts as a budget alternative to the 3DS, able to play the same games with pretty much all the same features minus the stereoscopic 3D elements.  Main controversies lie in the ergonomics of it’s design and the fact that many  consider it to be a couple a steps back for Nintendo, who seem to be undermining their own vision for the future of handheld gaming.  The ‘3DS with no slider’ comments are certainly trending online.


My response

Why so serious guys?  Whilst I’d prefer Nintendo to focus on improving the poor 3d functionality of it’s 3DS, I think they’ve made a lovely gesture here. Playstation and Xbox continue to exclude younger audiences in their creative vision but Nintendo has yet again proven itself worthy of a more loyal fan base.  This defiant little machine not only re-invites the under 7’s to current handheld gaming but features backwards and future gaming compatibility.  They would however be wise to drop the price below £100 by Christmas, as £109 upon release date doesn’t strike me as the big penny saver it’s advertised to be.

Self indulgent fans who claim to be taking the target 5-7 year old demographic into account, need to really take it into account.  Yes it’s lost the classic clamshell design in favour of the etch a sketch look, it’s not for you.  And oh for shame!  The 3D aspects that have only functioned well in Mario 3D Land are gone, it’s not for you.  So I’m sure you basically get my drift here, the 2DS says ‘get off my nuts people’, it’s just not for you.

Sources: Nintendo, Eurogamer, Digital Spy, ONM


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