I only love Street Fighting Trolls!

Trolls.  Don’t you just love these cruel, insecure, emotional vampires.  No really, you don’t and I don’t either but the recent clips from the ParodiePub’s Youtube channel some how manage to put an amusing twist on the act.  We get to see trolling Street Fighter style; Angry character sprites + precise timing and compositing = some hilarious viewing:

Blanka is a Troll Episode 1 

‘Do you ever wonder why Blanka is green? Now you know’.

Source: parodiepub.fr

‘Tis where the magic started folks.  Making Blanka the poster boy for trolling was genius in it’s purest form.  Personal Highlights are Blanka donning a dickie bow whilst trolling a wedding at 0:56 and around 1:20, where the image of Blanka’s bloodied face causes a guy to loose his shit and punch straight through his computer screen!  I wonder what the original image was?

Chun-Li is Jealous

‘Chun-Li has a complex about her thighs and she’s terribly jealous of sexy women’.

source: parodiepub.fr

Chun Li, why you jelly bro?  Their most recent vid is an equally hilarious and a fresh take on girl on girl drama.  Miss Li ain’t got time for dirty looks and rumours, if you’re looking too good you’re simply getting pwned!  My personal highlight is her assault on the blond chick with ‘Kikosho’ at 1:38, ouch!  As for the attack on Beyonce at 0:31, I knew someone would respond unfavourably to her ‘Bow down Bitches’ track, just didn’t think it would be Miss Li.

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There’s 3 other parts to the ‘Blanka is a Troll’ Series plus they actively seek feedback and new ideas from viewers, so you never know what you might see next.  I’m personally routing for a ‘Ryu’s a troll’ vid where he just roams the streets going ape shit Satsui no Hado style, as we all know his deep and calm persona’s capital B.S.

I’ll leave you with their best vid yet, an Ultra combo on the vile Frigide Barjot:


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2 responses to “I only love Street Fighting Trolls!”

  1. M4RI0K4R7 says :

    I had to take a break in between videos to recover from laughing so hard. Some of those were just too funny. xD

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