Smashing Pumpkins via Pumpkin Geek


No really, they’re awesome. If you were thinking about the group then sadly you were wrong but the good news is that for my latest update, I’ve found something better.  Whilst checking out the nominees and winners of the recent ‘Geekie Awards’ I discovered Alex Wer a.k.a the Pumpkin Geek.  The dude is seriously good at carving pumpkins, to the point where it’s won him an award, places at prestigious conventions and celebrity clientele.  When I ventured into his site, my mind was blown.  I’ve given up on trying to comprehend how he manages to carve this level of intricacy and realism into his work.  Now i just admire them and you should too:

Recognise these guys? Source: The Pumpkin Geek
So if you haven’t had a geekgasm by now then all I can say is, I’m disappointed in you.  For relevance of subject matter I’ve focused on his game themed designs but as illustrated in the title image sent by the man himself, he has a huge portfolio including: Sports, Musicians, Fantasy, Television and Sci-fi to name a few.
Check him out on: to find out more and if you’ve got the urge for some kooky decor or a magical halloween centrepiece why not hook yourself up with a custom made pumpkin?  I’ll leave you with my favourite while you think about it:

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10 responses to “Smashing Pumpkins via Pumpkin Geek”

  1. Shannon Nelson says :

    Those are awesome… Thanks for adding my blog too.. 🙂

  2. The Lotus War says :

    That Link is awesome!

  3. annabellefranklinauthor says :

    Pure pumpkin genius! Thanks for following me and Millie

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