Litchenstein VS Street Fighter & The Razor Atrox

If there’s one thing I learnt from purchasing Streetfighter vs Tekken and subsequently returning it the next day, it’s that combinations can be very tricky.  I foresaw greatness and yet high off my own presumptions, ended up with something that just didn’t do it for me.  An unusual combo that has recently worked is graphic designer Paul Colett’s ‘Litchenstein VS Street Fighter’ series:

Source: Paul Collet

Here Collet applies Litchenstein’s distinct pop art technique to some of the beat ’em ups most popular characters.  It’s a win-win combination that carries its awesomeness through to the final result and is refreshing, being a Street Fighter fanart piece that diverts from the typical manga re-hash route.

Check out: for some more interesting designs and seriously good pixel art.

New Street Fighter Arcade Stick 

Don’t rush off just yet as that’s not all today on the Streetfighter front. Razor recently released images of their new special edition arcade stick and it is lush.  The Razor Atrox features a large host of key characters in that stunning, painterly art style of Street FighterIV and exciting customising opportunities for Mod enthusiasts:


However it’s sad news for team PS3 because this treasure’s an Xbox 360 exclusive and at a majorly steep $199 i predict the majority may just prefer to look at it’s beauty through their screens, I shall not blame them.  Now I’ll just be off to plant a money growing tree…..

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