The Last Guardian ‘not a priority’ M.I.A Case Files #1 update


Not to demonise ICO maestro Fumito Ueda but I feel like his recent attitude towards fans is like:

ImageYeh bro, you’ve offended me.  Do I want to want to be writing a whiny update post instead of loosing my rag on Luigi’s mansion?  No, I’m just that offended.  Now if you’re wondering what’s sparked this update, Ueda’s recent interview with Famitsu mag has recently gone viral.  The notable quote being:

“It’s under earnest development. However, SCE Japan Studio, who’s working on The Last Guardian, also has titles like Puppeteer and Knack, and those are only the ones currently announced. Those are taking priority right now.”

Seriously, how blasé can you get?  We may as well have the dude smoking a joint with one hand and air quoting ‘under earnest development’ with the other.  As for Puppeteer and knack being priority, I guess Jack Tretton was pretty much correct in his statement that was quickly damage controlled in June .  Don’t get me wrong, Knack and Puppeteer both seem promising, particularly the latter but do they hold a candle to the potential displayed in the Last Gaurdian’s ’09 trailer?  I’ll leave you to decide:

It may be a while before you see an update regarding my 1st M.I.A Case file.  Sadly I’m going to have to join the crowd and cry vaporware until something concrete about the project is revealed.  Until next time, I’m off to vacuum ghosts!

sources: Polygon, psxextreme, famitsu


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