Hot or …..Not? ‘Pocket Monsters: The Origin’

Poke origin collage‘Ohhhh your my best friend in a world we must defeeeeeend’.  I’m going old school this week, singing the original theme tune aloud in awkward public locations.  I’ve dusted the cob webs off my GBC and transported myself back to a time where only 150 of these magical critters existed.  You may be wondering what this is in aid of, well news flash Poke fans:  Do you recall the series that teamed up with the epic jrpg/card game, most likely dominating your childhood in the 90’s and onwards?  It’s being re-made!  Even more intriguing is the decision to follow Red’s journey from Gamefreak’s classic rather than Ash ketchum.  Check out the trailer that was released over the weekend at the Pokemon Game Show:

So, hot or ………not?

It’s pretty neat and it was wise to implement the original Gengar vs Nidorino title sequence, they’re really selling it to fans of Gamefreak’s classic.  The character’s look well drawn although seem to lack the charisma and bounce of Ash & co.  However the Pokemon look fantastic.  So far I’m loving the fact that Red’s initial companion is a Charmander,  the Blastoise Hydro pump sequence was drool worthy and did you notice Red swimming underwater, with a Charizard!

Lets face it Pokemon needed a new show.  The series died out long ago, yet is still flogging it’s dead horse towards an astonishing 800th episode, which irks me to no end.  I can’t help but hope this effort will ditch the lazy animation, poor battle sequences and recycled storyline angles that have plagued the current show for years.  I’ll say it definitely looks hot from the teaser but I need to know more before overestimating so for now  I’ll reserve a solid judgement.  Stay tuned for updates.

Sources: Joystiq, Siliconeranintendolife


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