M.I.A Case Files #1- The Last Guardian


Sorry to bother you kind readers but I was wondering if you’ve  seen a conspicuously glowing young boy, possibly with a giant griffin, should have been playable in a PS3 release circa 2011?  Naturally you’d think the pair wouldn’t be hard to spot but sadly Team Ico fans know all too well that you’d be wrong.

In 2011 upon purchasing the Ico and Shadow of the colossus HD remix the first thing I did, was a mental cartwheel.  A couple more seemed to fit the occasion and yet when I sat down to play the games I couldn’t help but wonder.  Where was The Last Guardian that had been promised to us as a hand-in-hand release with this collection?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed re-immersing myself in the eery dystopian fortress of Ico and ‘re-pwning’ beastly masses of architecture in Shadow of the Colossus. Yet the updates to the visuals and frame rates weren’t enough to disguise Team’s Ico’s absence in 7th generation gaming.  The games maintained camera issues and glitches common in the Ps2 era.  I dare say for once that team Ico’s works, which had previously raised the bar in several gaming aspects, seemed dated.


The last guardian however was set to rectify this issue, It’s juicy trailer at the E3 09 showed a potential masterpiece that almost instantly made me jump ship from my 360 in anticipation.  It’s now 4 years later, and the duo are the gaming icons that never were, known more fore their disappearance than their promise.  So with Playstation making it’s transition to the next gaming generation, where does that leave the last Guardian?


Rumours have been rife as a result of the game’s absence in the last couple of E3 events and questions may have surfaced in regards to lead designer Fumito Ueda’s commitment to the project, seeing that he left Sony around the games initial release date.  A major blow came from SCEA boss Jack Tretton who released a statement that the game was on a  ‘hiatus’ in June.  Thankfully Ueda and SCE boss Shuhei Yoshida have quashed those rumours as Ueda is still working with Team Ico on a contractual basis for the game’s completion.  We’ll have to wait even more for a confirmed date as it’s been withheld to avoid further disappointing fans.

I’ll be keeping a detectives eye on this case, and any witnesses would so kindly be appreciated.  This duo will be found!


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