Mega Kangaskhan Top 5 Deviations

Was it just me or did the trending, blurred camera shot of Mega Kangaskhan’s sprite leave you wanting additional images, facts, basically a more realised concept of this Mega form?  My short term solution was to hop on to Deviantart and see how the young creatives are dealing with their excitement, the results being some fantastic Poke-fan art.  Alas, being the generous blogger that I am I put my curator specs on and spent the day sourcing the best Mega Kangaskhan Deviations thus far.  Hopefully these top 5 entries will quench your thirst for the new tag team, as they have mine:

5. ‘ROO, ALL GROWN UP’– ©2013 ~Snowbound-Becca


Who ever said Mega Kangaskhan fan art had to focus on Mum & child as a pair? Deviant user Snowbound-Becca cuts to chase.  Her Pokefan art is  full of colour and personality so check out the link to her page.




4. MEGA KANGASKHAN– ©2013 ~TheAngryAron

mega_kangaskhan_by_theangryaron-d6hmmb9I just love Mumma Kangaskhan in his piece. TheAngryAron’s got a quirky fan art style that shines through particularly in his Pokemon pieces.  Check out his page and his awesome Mega Blaziken.



3. MEGA KANGASKHAN-©2013 ~Peegeray


This piece is nothing but original gangsta! From the ultra dynamic pose to awesome movement in the colours.  This shows a tag team to be seriously feared.  Peegeray’s pokemon deviations are quite varied in style and she’s actively seeking commissions so check her out.


2. ‘MAMA BE MEGA PROUD’– ©2013 *raizy


Here we have the workings of a serious Tensai.  This piece’s colouring and line art are of an exceptional standard and I love the knuckle bump between mum & child.  Check out Raizy’s site:  and notably her  webcomic: ‘Slightly Damned’ to see the standard of her original work, which I dare say is even higher.




1. MEGA KANGASKHAN– ©2013 ~fer-gon


All I can say is wow.  Sugimori fans take note, this dude’s got the authentic Pokemon art style down to a tee.  I wouldn’t blink twice if I saw it in an official guide.  This is consistently the case with fer-gon and the many ‘fakemon’ he designs for his profile are just as good.  Definitely worth a look.

So there you have it guys and girls, our Mega Pokemon rehab session complete.  If you like  what you see then don’t forget to check out the linked pages.  Keep me posted on deviations you find worth a shout.  larger compilations will be coming your way soon.


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  1. Mileson says :

    Did you happen to get a chance to check out our Mega Farfetch’d?

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