Mega Pokemon alert: Mega Kangaskhan announced! Mega Gengar maybe?


For those who aren’t in the know Mega Kangaskhan was revealed a couple days past by X and Y Director Junichi Masuda at the Vancouver Pokemon World championships.  It was a much needed addition to the so far so iffy roster set to add a new dynamic to ‘Pokemon X & Y’ this fall.  Mega Kangaskhan see’s Junior grown up, out of the pouch and ready to take an active role beside mum in battle.  The update is simple yet effective, showing a clarity in creative thinking that’s lacking in pretty much 90% of gamefreak’s recent efforts, who apart from Blaziken look like they’ve simply been and gone from a terrible hairstylist.

ImageOroro Munroe, the only poke-fan more annoyed by Mega Amphoros’ design than myself.  I predict awkward party sightings before law proceedings.

The choice of Kangaskhan was a step in the right direction.  I’ve admired this Dino-kangaroo hybrid since the safari zone days of 1st gen and always wondered when it’s pup would grow.  So what can we expect in terms of skill?

Not too much has been given away as of yet.  It was confirmed that Mega Kangaskhan has the ‘Parental Bond’ ability enabling 2 attacks per turn.  Whilst great news for Kangaskhan fans, this may serve to fuel concerns over the predicted balancing issues the Mega versions will carry.

Will these alarms be addressed before release time and who will be next to get a mega make-over?

There’s a few suspect names trending on blogs and forums galore.  Amongst these I’m particularly fired up aout the possibility of a Mega Tyranitar and a Mega Gengar.  In fact I stumbled upon this genius petition aimed at 1000 signatures for Gengar’s Mega Form:

Who knows, if Mr. Sugimori has created Mega Gengar, it may prompt him to reveal its design or create one if he hasn’t.  Pokemon’s best ever Ghost type deserves one dammit get signing!



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