There’s yet another limited edition 3ds thatʼs been tingling Nintendo freak taste buds this summer, and yes it’s Pokemon themed. Are we sick of this predictably growing trend? Hells no! Pokemon aficionados I wipe away my drool and present to you, the Eevee 3DS XL:


This latest effort from the Pokemon Centre Japan celebrates their 15th Year anniversary and our loveable little critter Eevee, who seems to be quite the A- lister of late with an even newer mystery evolution to be announced alongside Sylveon ahead of X & Y’s October release. So, shit hot or dud in the mud?

The Eevee Xl’s design is risky and bound to polarise poke-fans. I hear it already *moody fanboy voice* ‘Why has it got stripes? Eevee doesn’t have any darn stripes, I’m freaking out!’ In which case I’d advise you to take a pill and/or preferably another look. Rather than opt for the obvious monochrome exterior with a bold illustration of said Pokemon, Nintendo have gone for a subtle, mature approach of projecting their character à la Chotto Mario, Peach and Toad editions of the 3ds.


The front case sports a stripy quad toned theme using a warm colour scheme borrowed directly from Eevee’s palette. It’s got a kooky retro vibe that clearly sets it apart from it’s Pokemon predecessors and I dare say even from the other 40 something odd special and limited editions weʼve been spoiled with thus far, no small fete.

BASE DESIGNImageMissing Eevee’s adorable face? Look no further than the base of the handheld where you’ll find him looking all the more cute and mischievous than you last remembered. This charming illustration is superior to that of the Pikachu andCharizard editions and adds a touch of class with its clean vector style set against a white backdrop for extra focus. There may be complaints about its placement but it compliments the front design well and boosts it’s refreshingly off beat look.


My one gripe with the design itʼs indoor. This issue has been raised enough times to propel action, especially after the tactless choice to use a cost effective white interior for what should have been a fully yellow Pikachu edition. This version pulls through on the merit of it’s outer design but it would have been a nice touch to apply some of those lovely warm brown and cream tones inside to increase it’s appeal. Nintendo missed a trick there.


The term ʻlimitedʼ like any other word can be subjective. Some, excluding myself ofcourse, may rather name this the ‘Stingy edition’ and here’s why. For the 1st month after it’s anticipated June release it was exclusively sold to members of Japan’s Pokemon Daisuki club, forcing them to enter a competition just to gain the privilege of purchasing one at 18,900 Japanese yen. That’s nearly 130 British pounds, 200 Us Dollars and too large a hole to burn in your pockets after just having entered a monopoly.


Prepare yourself for battle folks! Get the petitions going to get our paws on this little gem asap. Although not flawless this is Pokemon’s most thoughtful 3DS design to date and will definitely appeal more to adult collectors. Letʼs just hope the hoop count stays reduced for a worldwide release.




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