There are just under 3 mondays till Pokemon X & Y release yikes! Status: ūüėÄ WIthdrawal symptom level: low, way too excited at this point. ¬†So, I thought I’d get back to schedule this week. ¬†Seeing as it’s only been a weekend ¬†in between my last news the web is still in awe of the Pok√©mon fossils and their stunning evolutions. ¬†There’s not much news, but there’s still fantastic artists, rumours and finally nostalgisms:


I Was super happy to discover this guy during my desperate search to find a likeable image of Mega Amphoros. Not only did I get that with RikuAoshi, who’s stunning vibrant pieces are full of Amphoros¬†love, but I also discovered a talented animator!¬†His Mareep to Amphoros evolution is a real treat, and his artworks are equally lively; his creative ideas, distinct lighting and battle compositions make even still works seem able to spring to life at any point:

all works ©2013 *RikuAoshi

You see what I mean? The Shingeki reference on the Typhlosion was so smoothly done I almost wanted to watch the new episodes just to see if he makes a cameo.  And the Amphoros and Typhlosion black and white peice :-O.  More works from this tensai on his deviantart page, check it out.


frosslass_pokedoll___normal_by_usako_chan-d3knitwAaaaaaaaaawwwwww!!! That’ll probably be your 1st response to Usako-chan’s Pokemon plushie’s, I mean look at them! ¬†Her chibi style Pok√© Plush are off the cuteness scale but once you get over that theirs some serious technical skill here. ¬†Like RikuAoshi she shows real confidence in her craft, manipulating proportion, colours and adding accessories with effortless looking results. ¬†I dare I’m yet to see much better Pok√©mon plush artists on the web, but that’s no surprise as she is a professional designer, so what else to expect?.

©2012-2013 ~usako-chan

For more professional cuteness from Usako-Chan check her deviant page or website.


Pokemon news

so as I said before there’s not much since I bundled an epic amount into my last post. ¬†There are however some interesting rumours that I wanted to discuss.

Inkay to Malamar evolution upside down –¬†as Inkay’s evolution into Malamar has been left unknown, and Malamar is known as a Reversal Pok√©mon with the appearance of a reversed squid, rumour has it that you’ll have to flip your 3ds upside down at a certain level to cause this evolution! This sounds super cool and makes me want this dual type even more than I already did, so this one’s certified on my team.

Aurorus Freeze dry: Dual type moves introduced?¬†I’ve already mentioned in my last news that this fossil Pok√©mon has an ice type attack that’s super effective against water types. The move is called Freeze dry and recent rumours suggest that this may be one of the rare dual type attacks that may or may not be surfacing in X & Y. The dual type legendary Yveltal’s oblivion wing is also rumoured to be a dual flying/dark technique. ¬†I would love dual type attacks to be introduced into gameplay. ¬†With the recent changes of resistances plus Fairy types, dual type moves would completely shake things up. ¬†All we knew and in my case, started to find stale battle wise would be shaken and I find this very exciting.

Three kanto starters based on RPG battle classes – Apparently, chespins evolution is based on the classicwarrior/knight class, Fennekin’s is based on a Mage hence the wand in it’s behind as Braixen (yuck), and Froakie’s is based on the thief class which I’m already starting to see in Frogadier. For now I’ll consider this here say, mainly because although I love Quilladin, he looks nothing like a knight to me, and unless he gains a steel typing I don’t see how that would work. ¬†I’ll just wait till their final forms are released to form a decent judgment.


So to firstly brief this section of my posts that should have really started 3 weeks ago, (sorry news has been way too abundant!) I grew up with pok√©mon, my 1st experience being Pok√©mon Blue about 8 months or so after it’s ridiculously late UK release at the age of 10. ¬†I’ll be recalling my journey, my experiences and squads in every generation since so her goes:


So my journey with these 2 bad boys

1 2

A weapon of mass destruction a.k.a a classic Gameboy. ¬†It no longer work as you tell by the ruin springs in the back, but it’s still awesome for memories sakes. ¬†Also¬†Pok√©mon Blue, the cartridge that owned my life for at least 6 months:


So Pok√©mon Blue was my 1st rpg experience, lent to me by Nathaniel my then best friend. ¬†He already had a pretty powerful squad, with a level 100 Snorlax and Jolteon so it was perfect for me to learn the ropes. ¬†I wasn’t allowed to start a new game ofcourse, but was tasked with training his Gengar, a love story began.

Gengar Love

gengar gengar-1

At the time I was obsessed with Gengar’s ability to put other Pok√©mon to sleep and by the time it finally learnt Dream eater, just couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work in battle. ¬†Haha, I miss being that young and dumb when it came to my approach to the game, it was far more frustrating and fun!

Bye bye Bugs

beedrill-1 beedrill butterfree-1 butterfree

Bored of attempting to use Dream eater on wide awake Pok√©mon and watching it fail, I decided to give Gengar a break and train Nathaniel’s Beedrill. A real waste of time in the end as for all my efforts, it’s was a very feeble warrior. After fainting multiple times and then getting similar results with¬†Butterfree, I concluded that although I still loved insects in reality gen 1’s bug types were pretty much void. ¬†That ¬†was a rash move in hindsight, had I have had the skill I would have attempting catching Scyther or Pinsir in the Safari zone, or a Venonat but I at this point I still just about learnt what I was doing.


lapras-1 lapras

Lapras was a great introduction to ice Types for me.  Nathaniel already had one in his squad so after ditching the bugs it was nice to finally get hold of a useful soldier. I also thought Aurora & Ice beams looked really awesome, at the time anyway.

Elite four nightmare: Agatha!


So Nathan was pretty terrified of taking on the Elite Four, even with 2 maxed level beasties in his squad. ¬†He warned me not to dare do it which of course meant that as soon I got home that day I did. ¬†All seemed to be going rather well at first and then there was Agatha… absolute nightmare. ¬†Baring in mind that i was barely 10 years old at this point and was still regularly attempting to mega punch Ghosts. ¬†I now consider her one of my favourite trainers ever because she taught me how a 1st gen Gengar should really be used, battering the hell out of mine with the Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo. At the time though I can honestly say my thoughts were, ‘burn the witch!’

Finally My own everything!

So roughly a year later, the show was now popular in the uk, Ash’s roided Pikachu was just, well frikkin roided! So what better 1st game of my own than Pokemon yellow, the Pikachu edition. ¬†I got this plus my very own GBC! Which was very vogue at the time if I do say so myself:

So this is awkward……. erm Pikachu’s a Douchebag

I don’t say such bold statements lightly but Pikachu annoyed the hell out of me in a his own game edition. ¬† It was actually quite the learning experience for me, I was a total Pikachu fanboy and was naive enough to think Ash’s pikachu was the real deal. ¬†In reality, Pikachu’s got a strong move set but is weak as hell in the stats department and channelling the events in the show, refuses to evolve into a half decent Raichu! ¬†I stayed lumped with Pikachu through the Elite four out of loyalty and would never do so again!

Bye bye Nathan, Hello Alakazam

alakazam-color alakazam-color-1

Alakazam was my 1st ever link cable trade on the game, and last time I hung out with my friend Nathaniel as I was off to secondary school, where I knew Pok√©mon would now have to be a closeted sport. ¬†I remember that we cooed over how awesome Alakazam’s updated sprite looked and to this day, Alakazam is my favourite ¬†Pok√©mon not only because of it’s beastly special attacks but because it was like a gift from a old friend, and yes I am a sap.

A Gengar of my own

gengar-color gengar-color-1

After my experience training Nathan’s Gengar I knew I had to have one of my own, but had no clue of the what a nightmare the process would be. Attaining the Silph scope to make Ghost Pok√©mon visible was one of the 1st times I actually got really stuck in the game and I remember just how frustrating this was. ¬†It was worth it in the end though, even in gen 1 Gengar was pure malice with evil status effects and a special attack to match Alakazam’s. ¬†Plus it’s updated sprite looked awesome

My Final squad

pikachu-coloralakazam-color blastoise-color gengar-color golem-color pidgeot-color 

So here was my final squad when I took on the Elite four. ¬†Pikachu was surprisngly strong against Lorelie, seeing as most Ice types at the time were dual water and Pikachu’s speed worked for quick zaps. ¬†Alakazam was, nothing short of beastly! ¬†You have to remember that dark types had not been invented at this point. ¬†Blastoise for some reason was the only 1st gen starter I loved, and It’s strength and ability to learn the only battle worthy HM surf added to this. ¬†Gengar was there for tactical play and a special assault back up for Alakazam, it became tradition to teach it TM 29 Psychic. Golem although slow with multiple weakness was my stongest physical attacker and if all else failed, explosion time. ¬†Pidgeot was another trickery from the show and had no way near the same speed, and poor general stats, even Mirror move was a total copout but I kept it on my squad for the fly HM.

Gen 1 trainer progress summary


So from gen one I learnt; status moves and stronger move sets. ¬†I gained basic knowledge of typing and although I knew I loved strong special attackers, I didn’t really have a proper squad strategy with certain types assigned for certain roles. ¬†I was simply too young and unsophisticated for all that at that point. ¬†I was also yet to learn about ev training. ¬†I knew from the 1st gen that Legendaries weren’t my thing, I enjoyed the labour intensive process of training weak Pok√©mon into beasts. ¬†I also rarely used Tms and Hms apart from the few mentioned, I took pride in my Pok√©mon having naturally strong move sets.

So that’s it for this week guys, catch you next weak for More stunning art, exciting news and my next installment of Nostalgisms where I’ll be discussing my journeys on Gold/Silver & Ruby/Saphire :).



It’s not Monday it’s Thursday, I know, I’m sorry. ¬†You can blame GTA 5 for that :). ¬†Under 4 Mondays left until X & Y’s release folks, eeeek! ¬†Status: Excited. ¬†Withdrawal symptoms: Pretty bad, the scratch has more vigour, tempered by GTA though. So lets start a very delayed Pokemonday.



Another artists that strays from ¬†emulating Sugimori’s style, this time with a bold, kooky graphic design style, MBlock’s works are absolutely faultless. The line art’s bold and confident and her use of colour has an awesome graffiti kick to it, especially on her Devamp versions where she focuses on re-creating newer additions in the style and colour scheme of retro games. She stays current in her subject matter and has really cool habits like celebrating a new Shiny she’s with a lovely art piece. I’ll stop gushing now and let you see my chosen gallery:

©2013 *MBLOCK

Check out the Xernias, and the Abra using Tri- Attack oh my! Anyways as I always say these are ¬†just a few selected works, there’s so much more which can be found on her Deviant page, tumblr account and twitter.


Also deserving of a mention is the extremely talented arts and craftsman Demiurgus dreams. ¬†He creates these lovely clay and arcylic Pok√©mon figurines at reasonable prices varying on their detail and scale. I discovered his works through his etsy store but you can also find him through his Deviantart page under the alias Hontor. ¬†Although he’s currently on a break I’m definitely contacting him when he’s back as he does commissions :).


 Pokemon newsThree starter Pokemon secondary evolutions announced!

Outfits, hair cuts and skin customisations for trainers!

Team Flare leaders revealed.

Diantha, famous Kalos movie star and potential Pokémon champion revealed.

Litleo evolution Pyroar revealed: has diverse male and female more forms and new move Noble roar.

New Psychic cat Pokémon Meowstic revealed, also has separate male & female forms.

Furfrou, basically a Poké Poodle is the leaked Pokémon from the Mega starters reveal trailer at Nintendo Direct.  It can be groomed into multiple different looks.

Mewto X revealed and is  a dual fighting/psychic type.

Mega Garchomp revealed.

New fossil Pokemon revealed.

Pokémon X & Y to only use 3D during battles (discovered through gamerant.com).

New typing chart reveals Fairy Type Pokémons strengths and weaknesses.

Steal has lost it’s resistance to Dark and Ghost types.

Certain Pokémon types have upgraded status effect resistances.

Finally, a leaked Mega Evo list I actually believe in, (well, praying it’s true).

My thoughts 

Holy¬†Scheiss! Too….. much…. news, Scheiss! ¬†This week has been so much more intense than Nintendo Direct was, it’s insane. I’m old enough to know a marketing assault when I see one, but I’m still a sucker for this game and if not for GTA, I’d be seriously crawling the walls with anticipation. ¬†Now I’m not gonna going into my thoughts on every singe point otherwise I’d literally loose sleep doing one post, I’ve posted recent promo trailers and adverts to fill in the gaps so bear with me. ¬†I am however gonna talk about my high lights in this week of Pok√©madness .

Second Stage of starter evolutions

Well, well, well aren’t the X and Y starters rocking their new adolescent forms. ¬†After their revelation on CoroCoro people leapt to insult Quilladin but were silenced after the trailer featured him looking pretty awesome, especially when he turned to the camera and said ‘shut up guys I’m big boned’. Okay he didn’t, but he should have, the fat jokes are hurtful. ¬†I Personally think Frogadier looks the best and the Bounce counter to grass types is very tempting but I’m weary of a dual water/fighting third stage evo, so I may have to stick with chespin as it’s dual dark/Grass typing is way more up my street. ¬†As for braixen: Meehhh! ¬†I love pyschic types but have never been keen on fire, and I personally think it looks by far the worst out of the three.

Mewtwo X

Mewtwo X

Hurray! I was already 100% getting X anyway, you have the sexy Xernias to thank for that. ¬†Now thanks to Mewtwo X you can make that 110% whatever that means. ¬†A dual Pyschic/fighting beast. ¬†I’ve loved the dual Psychic/Fighting combination since owning a Gallade in the last gen, aptly named Psycho. ¬†And thank you Game Freak for the design, it looks completly badass and is an accepted apology for shoving¬†Mewtwo’s¬†tail¬†on his head, giving him mousy proportions and calling him a mega evolution for the previous Mewtwo Y.

Mega Garchomp


Erm, Troll alert. Garchomp was already pretty damn op in the previous games, now they’ve gone and given him a mega form with extra lethal attacks and sandstorm triggered as soon as he enters battle. Time to get a monster ice type ready for defense, i’m terrified of this one.

These plus Meowstic, Pyroar, Furfrou and more are featured in this exciting trailer:

Team Flare 

You know I can’t really decide whether I love or loath Team Flare yet. ¬†On the plus side they do look pretty cool, especially their admins Celosia, Aliana, Bryony and Mable who look fresh off Fashion Week and their leader Xerosic, who has just the perfect blend of eccentricity and darkness to lis design to keep me intrigued. ¬†On the flip side I see them and think, criminals, really? ¬†With conspicuous bright red costumes and¬†outlandish¬†character designs I just can’t believe the officer Jenny’s haven’t dealt with them yet. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re supposed to be anti-heroes instead of pure villains, maybeI’m just getting too old.

New Fossil Pokémon and evolutions

I’m very happy they decided to put focus on fossil Pok√©mon with Tyrunt and Amaura. Correct me if I’m wrong but they haven’t done so since the 1st gen, so this to me feels like another nod. ¬†As for ther evolutions- Whoooooop! ¬†I have to say move aside Noivern, Tyrantrum is the best looking Pok√©mon of this gen so far! ¬†But I’m torn :(. ¬†Aurorus learns an ice type move that’s super effective against water types, how cool is that? ¬†Plus it’s a pretty hot Diplodocus in it’s own right, so this one’s gonna be a tough choice. ¬†So it’s a choice between the one with abilities I find preferable against the mega beast that will make anyone trainer fearful of your team. I’ll decide with my heart *readies pensive face and cheesy pose*, when the time comes :P.

New Pok√©mon type chart: The Fairy’s secrets revealed¬†

Chart source: Serebii

Oh dear. ¬†I’ve never been so frightened of fairies in my life… ¬†so according to the chart Fairy types are super effective against: Fighting, Dark and Dragon. Weak against: Steel and poison. ¬†Resists: Dark, Bug & Fighting, immune to Dragon. ¬†Aren’t very effective against: Steel, Fire and Poison. ¬†Mother, of Jesus, I’m even more worried about these than Garchomp’s Mega-rig. ¬†Immune to Dragon? I still don’t get Game Freak’s logic behind this. ¬†I’m guessing they’re just over promoting a new type as they’ve done in the past and will re-balance this in future, as they have wisely done with Steel types. ¬†It’s a good thing I love Poison types and will definitely have one ready to strychnine these pests! Oh well, at least fans of cutesy Pok√©mon can finally battle competitively, yes I’m thinking of you Michelle!

Type upgrades:¬†so here’s the low down:¬†Grass types are now immune to powder & spore moves, Electric types are immune to paralysis and Ghost types are immune to mean look and other moves that prevent fleeing. ¬†This is fantastic in my opinion and although I’m certain it will wind players up to know this means more non effective moves, it’s a great way to add even more depth to the tactical elements of gameplay.

3D for battles exclusively:¬†I personally consider the 3D slider of the 3DS a non entity, as it’s never used. ¬†So in terms of it not having regular 3D all I can say is boohoohoo. ¬†I don’t care for the blurrr-I-mean-3D effects detracting from the stunning visuals of the game. ¬†As for the predictable cries of ‘oh why can’t it be on the normal DS then?’ ¬†Do you honestly think a Pok√©mon game this epic, with fully 3D animated battles would be able to fit on a standard DS cartridge memory wise? ¬†If so get outta here!

Leaked mega evolutions list

Complete mega list

So I found this and for the life of me can’t remember the source, (if you are the source contact me for credit). ¬†But if this leak is true then I could not be happier. ¬†Too many loved ones; Alakazam, Gengar, Gallade, Tyranitar, Luxray, Xatu, Volcarona, every starter Pokemon previous to X & Y, (Mega Empoleon would be certified boss.) ¬†Now I do remember the author stating that fans shouldn’t get carried away and consider the list speculative until confirmed but it’s too late damit, I’ve done a dance, it’s happening!

So that rounds up the most epic post I’ve done on thestartbutton thus far, but hopefully not the last, I just love Game Freak for spamming us with joy! ¬†Needless to say I’ll have to put off ‘Nostalgisms’ indefinitely as I’m one person struggling to keep up with the rate of Pok√©mon news as it is. ¬†I will however leave you with X & Y’s American advert (you gotta love American adverts for the cheese and charm):

Oh and for good measure I’ll throw in the latest Japanese overview trailer which is unbelievably epic, I mean seriously, mind blowing:

Sources: Pokebeach, Serbii, Gamerant, marriland, neoseeker, polygon, Pokemonxy


Sorry guys I have been delayed with my recent Pokemonday Update, which may probably have to get pushed to wednesday because, GTAV’S out! ¬†I will make up for this with a super Pokemondays feature and an article about my frustration with gamers at the moment and the vile trolling of Gamespot reviewer Carolyn Petit for giving the latest GTA, wait for it, a 9 out of 10!

Shhhhh! It’s Quiet- Kojima’s answer to ‘Sexy’

ImageSo if you haven’t read about the buzz and controversy surrounding Hideo Kojima this week, you may mistake this for your local floozie in role-play fetish attire.¬† It’s actually Quiet, the new MGS 5 heroine and sniper.¬† Hideo Kojima came under fire after tweeting about his instructions to Art Director Yoji Shinkawa to make the character ‘erotic’, which he then attempted to damage control in a follow up interview with Polygon where apparently, he meant ‘sexy’. ¬†So what do you think guys, sexy or just straight up porn?

Even industry peer Halo Designer David Ellis launched a scathing twitter attack:

Whilst I’m yet to leap off my couch with a bellowing feminist war cry, this design is certainly a bit of a head scratcher for me.¬† The funny thing is, Kojima knows how to do sexy with female characters, take his past femme fatale Sniper Wolf for instance:

I’m all for a female assassin using her sexuality as a weapon, to me that is a believable form of empowerment that shouldn’t always be taken offensively.¬† Can I believe that a sniper running around in skimpy fishnets and a thong would be successful in her missions?¬† Even with unrealistic skin altering abilities the answer remains no.¬† It all seems a little ¬†tacky and yet I do think there is hope for this character.¬† Based on the gorgeous and expressive model Stefanie Joosten the recent promo video of Quiet’s motion capture and development shows a lot of potential:

More over I do like Quiet’s upper half design wise, it’s just the lower half that to me crosses a line.

As for David Ellis, hypocrite much?¬† It frankly irks me to no end when a professional launches a twitter attack on a peer.¬† You’re an industry prof-essio-nal dammit don’t relegate yourself to an internet troll.¬† Plus isn’t this the dude that worked on the game responsible for Cortana, the naked blue chick in Halo?


This is however a bit of school boy error by Kojima.¬† Hopefully they’ll re-work the character because this is the video games industry and whilst sex sells, porn doesn’t.

Souces: Vg247, Polygon, PSU


There are just under 5 mondays till Pokemon X & Y release. ¬†Status: Irritable. ¬†Withdrawal symptom level: Mid. ¬†With that I’ll kick off with my 1st Pok√©Monday :D.



Pok√©mon Artist of the week seems a bit minuscule, may decade sound like a stretch?¬† Artist Purplekecleon has been on Deviantart for over a decade and her style has grown to say the least.¬† Many have swapped Sugimori’s traditional style for a fine art approach but not to this level.¬† Who new Pokemon and expressionism would be such a match made in heaven, with stunning displays of colour and dream like compositions reminiscent of Franz Mark and Kirchner.¬† Love it!

©2013 *purplekecleon

These are just some examples from her gallery, check it out there’s hundred’s of amazing works and collaborations with writers for great narrative pieces.¬† She sells prints and buttons etc on her site:¬†papayakitty.com¬†plus her¬†tumblr¬†also features her art works and thought processes etc.


Pokemon news

Nintendo Direct reveals: 

It took 5 years to realise but the Pokémon Bank is now ready for X & Y.

Mega Evolution is done through the use of the Mega Ring item.  

Original starters return with Mega forms.

Earlier release for¬†X & Y edition 3DXL’s announced.

My thoughts on this: Well for one you gotta love Iwata, Ishihara and Masuda for their synchronised moves with dead pan faces at the start of the presentation:
 Synchronised moves

I have one word for my thoughts on the Pok√©mon Bank: meh!¬† I’ve never been a catch √©m all kinda guy; I normally aim to train 2 or 3 elite squads per game so I don’t see the point of a huge box.¬† And did they say subscription?¬† These 3 syllable never fail to raise a suspicious third eye of mine that screams, ‘more money, MONEY, MONEY!’¬† I’d be fine with just an improved box system in game thanks.


The Mega ring sounds cool, no doubt there will be an interesting quest to attain this item and I’m always happy for a side quest to lead you off the mundane gym badge collection formula.


Sexy retro take on mega evo’s by¬†Twarda8

As for the big announcement of the original starters returning with Mega forms, oh yeah! Best news for me since the game’s announcement.¬† I was originally hoping to see the final forms of the new starters but instantly couldn’t care less after seeing Mega Blastoise’s awesomeness.¬† I think the general concensus is that Mega Blastoise and Mega Charizard rule.¬† Poor Mega Venasaur, it looks like the design team just gave him a night before upgrade like ‘oh shit guys, throw in some leaves, give him a flower, dammit hurry up Nintendo Direct’s tomorrow!’¬† Well I say get over it you bunch of shallow Hal’s!¬† ‘Thick fat’ is easily the superior ability amongst the 3 megas, dispelling Venasaur’s weakness to both fire and Ice types and making this Pokemon a serious tank.¬† Right now I’m torn between Squirtle and Bulbasaur due to the potential of their mega forms.


Bulbasaur’s not feeling the love right now. ¬†Don’t worry Bub, I’d still choose ya! ¬†Awesome pic by:¬†ditto-used-transform


And then there was the limited edition XL’s…. Where the hell is the stunning gold one with Xerneas and the 3 starters I saw a couple months back?

xy 3dsxl

Gold Xerneas XL, where the f%@k art thou?

Why you do this to me Nintendo Europe, again! ¬†Very tired of Nintendo giving the UK, let’s be fair and say at least 60% less than Japan.¬† As for us not getting any bundle packages with our uglier edition, that’s a nice little deal breaker and my cue to say ‘screw this, I’m out!’


I shit you not!¬† The world’s most expensive Pok√©mon Card going for $50,000 minimum bids on ebay and the seller is expecting 100k for a buy it now price. ¬†The card is one of a few fan illustrated Pokemon cards done through submissions to a CoroCoro¬†magazine competition.

For the full story follow this link.

Stay tuned guys and girls, this week’s been mental with news but next week I shall definitely be updating with Nostalgisms- looking at my 1st experiences with Pok√©mon and how I developed my 1st real squad.

Oh Deer! Bloodshot games: Redneck Assassin on Kickstarter


This revenge/stealth project needs another $26,000 or so in the next 30 days to reach it’s target funding of $30,000 and I’m routing for it:

“Shot down & left for dead, Hirsch Deer is found in the woods by Sasquatch who trains our hero in the art of assassination”.

The whacky premise is backed by their pitch.¬† This includes a hilarious trailer blending just the right amount of whimsy into the seriousness of Hirsch’s quest:

I’d say that the narrator is up there with Stephen Fry, okay not quite but still priceless all the same. ¬†I hope he features during the actual game.

The guys at Bloodshot games having been working diligently on the project but need the funding to create PC/Mac ports.¬† I’m definitely in although being a broke graduate shall not afford me huge amounts to contribute.

My Verdict


I think the game has a lot of potential.¬† The intuitive touch screen mechanics of the mobile demo certainly seem impressive and I am confident the controls will translate smoothly into PC gaming .¬† I would however love to see them work more of it’s quirky humour into the gameplay because for me, it’s appeal lies in it’s original approach to revenge satire.

So if you like the idea of hunting Red neck’s albeit virtually, or are all for animal rights and gaming, don’t forget to check out the full project pitch and funding details at Kickstarter. ¬†Now, where to find a Sasquatch‚Ķ.

TimeSplitters for PS4? Can I get a hell yeah!


So a TimeSplitters remake aye? It’s not like I’m over excited about it or anything, I’m calm, I’m cool.¬† Okay I’m not‚Ķ

This is probably the best gaming news I’ve received all year and after further disappointment from the Last Guardian updates, I needed a pick-me-up.¬† TimeSplitters 2 was a rare exception for me, a non FPS gamer.¬† I’ll forever hold fond memories of It’s exhilarating multi-player and zany characters.¬† After years of joining starved fans in signed petitions and petulant wingeing it’s great to finally see something in the works.

To add more awesomeness to boot, TimeSplitters Rewind is fan made! A group of community programmers named Pantheonyx were given the okay for a PC port in March but it can now be confirmed that they’re developing it for the PS4 too.¬† This is a risky move, as Crytek have yet to green light a PS4¬† version and yet project lead Michael Hubicka seems quite assured if recent statements are anything to go by:

‚ÄúWe’re actually going to go ahead and start development [of Timesplitters Rewind] on PlayStation 4. Just because we’re pretty confident Crytek’s going to say go ahead and do it. But we don’t want them saying go ahead and do it when we’re caught with our pants down and we’re like halfway through development and [then] start something for the PlayStation 4″.

With TimeSplitters Rewind, Pantheonyx aims to combine the strongest features of it’s predecessors and polish them up .¬† Multiplayer of course will be a key aspect of the game, as will improved level editors and general gameplay choice, further allowing players to take the reigns of their experience.¬† Even more impressive is the team’s decision to exclusively re-model the game with Crytek’s CryEngine3, whilst using original models provided by Crytek for reference material.¬† This shows some serious dedication to create an update that remains loyal to Crytek’s creative vision.¬† I like it!


Sadly Xbox fans may miss out on a Xbox One port, as Pantheonyx have yet to state any development plans for an Xbox release citing past issues with development for Xbox 360 as a “huge turn off”.

This doesn’t make it’s PS4 port 100% as of yet.¬† I’m sure with a PS4 comes further complexities in terms of legal issues and such.¬† Doesn’t bother me though, I’m still getting carried and you should be too.¬† Now who’s up for getting together for a fan-made Last Guardian? ūüėČ

Oh and don’t forget to check the Pantheonyx site for updates.

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